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The Future VET Skills project aims to build the capacities of trainers and teachers in Egyptian vocational schools towards enabling them to deliver technical and soft skills which are considered critical for the jobs of the future in the automotive industry in line with Industry 4.0 and globalization requirements.

We aim to empower a new generation of automotive technicians in Egypt and meet the needs of the growing European market. This involves developing skills in areas like E-mobility, programming, robotics, industry 4.0, cognitive abilities, self-leadership, entrepreneurship, and digital skills. Our project focuses on providing trainers with the necessary soft and technical skills that are in high demand for future jobs but lacking in Egyptian vocational schools. We also provide them with effective teaching methods and tools to enhance knowledge transfer, learner motivation, and overall learning experience.

Our approach will be documented in a published handbook, serving as a best-practice guide for improving vocational trainers’ qualifications to meet the demands of the global 4th industrial revolution. We also have a component dedicated to developing the next generation of vocational training leaders, following internationally recognized German standards. This ensures the sustainability of quality training and facilitates technician mobility between Egypt and Europe. Our project partners have extensive experience in managing and developing vocational education and strong connections with relevant industries. We build upon the existing vocational schools in Egypt, which have been developed in line with the German Dual Education system.




SIS Middle East

SIS Middle East is at the forefront of shaping vocational education in Egypt. Recognizing the evolving landscape of professional training, we are actively engaged in multiple projects dedicated to advancing and guiding vocational schools. Collaborating closely with our team of German experts, we are pioneering the introduction of the renowned German dual education system. This innovative approach seamlessly merges theoretical instruction with hands-on practical training, empowering students with a comprehensive skill set that aligns with real-world demands.

Ghabbour Foundation

Ghabbour Foundation for Development is a non-profit organization established in 2017 under the Ministry of Solidarity with the mission of affecting positive economic and social development in Egypt by bridging the gap between the quality of vocational education in Egypt, on the one hand, and industry needs for skilled workers on the other hand. Ghabbour Foundation’s approach to providing quality education by working with international institutions specialized in vocational education and technical training applying the dual education system that helps students connect theoretical studies to practical training. The Erasmus+ Project builds on the existing vocational schools developed in Egypt by the Ghabbour Foundation in accordance with the German Dual Education system.

BildungsWerkstatt Chemnitz

The Bildungs-Werkstatt Chemnitz gGmbH is an inter-company-vocational training centre as well as a multifunctional educational service provider in the region of south-west Saxony. Our main areas of expertise are to be seen in the fields of initial vocational education, further vocational education and vocational orientation. The branches we educate in are electrical and electronic engineering, metal working and mechanical engineering, mechatronics, construction and technical drawing. Our role in the project is the project management, especially the organizational and financial management.

Technova College

At Technova College, it’s all about technology and creativity. This modern vocational Mbo school offers a variety of programs in fields such as Construction, Automotive Technology, Mechatronics, Media & ICT, Audio & Visual, and Transportation & Logistics. We provide education for both young people and adults, offering both full-time BOL programs and part-time BBL programs.

Passionate teachers and staff train you to become skilled professionals. Our students will be well-prepared for the future by learning skills that society demands. Technova College provides creative and technical education all under one roof. The building offers a modern learning environment with excellent workshops.