The Kick-Off Event in Egypt

All partners convened in Egypt for the official kick-off event. The project was presented to esteemed representatives from the education sector and valuable connections were made.

In a productive kick-off event, the project partners, as well as esteemed representatives from the education sector came together to officially launch the Future VET skills project. In a series of exciting presentations, each partner had the opportunity to introduce themselves and their role in the project.

One of the most remarkable aspects of the event was the diversity of perspectives present. Partners from different backgrounds, industries and cultures came together to create a truly inclusive environment. This fusion of ideas and experiences created fertile ground for innovation and enabled the development of new ideas.

Recognizing the significance of cultural exchange, the kick-off event also featured activities that immersed the partners in the rich heritage of Egypt. From visits to historical landmarks to sampling traditional cuisine, these experiences provided a deeper understanding of the local culture and fostered stronger bonds among the participants.