First Aid and Workplace Safety Training Sessions

We recently conducted a First Aid training session and a workshop about occupational safety adhering to German standards.

We recently conducted a First Aid training session adhering to German standards, covering essential topics such as adult-to-infant CPR, recovery position, and the proper usage of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED). These skills are not only crucial for everyday emergencies but also address scenarios involving electronic devices and electric vehicles.

In another enlightening training module, we delved into the realm of occupational safety. The focus was on crafting risk assessments, hazard recognition, and honing the skills necessary for effective workplace instruction. The session proved to be highly captivating for all participants, offering valuable insights and practical knowledge. Notably, the training provided significant perspectives from German occupational safety regulations, tailoring the learning experience to meet the needs of our diverse participants from Egypt.

These sessions not only equip participants with life-saving skills but also empower them with a comprehensive understanding of workplace safety, aligning with both German standards and international best practices. The impact of this training is evident in the enriched knowledge and heightened preparedness of our participants.